February 8th 2018

Preparations are being made for great improvements to the notifications system, for now a small release containing the first few parts and various other fixes:

  • Added user profile pages, available from their avatars
  • Added action to resend invitation emails to unverified users
  • Added ability to configure notifications from own profile page
  • Improved language of notifications about comments, mentions and moves
  • Improved download/preview performance of attachments
  • Improved app startup by moving avatars to separate requests
  • Improved context menu draw behaviour
  • Fixed not being able to undelete from activity stream in certain situations
  • Fixed dismiss all for notifications when you have 100+
  • Fixed links to endpoints in API help documentation
  • Fixed the API output and workspace/personal label processing in API

January 24th 2018

A small release with some much needed fixes

Other changes and fixes:

  • Added undelete item option to activity stream
  • Added created by and updated by to activity stream
  • Fixed searches from root workspace
  • Fixed cursor/caret jumping behaviour on data updates
  • Fixed unverified users not being unassigned from items when removed from a workspace
  • Fixed prepared tension output not being applied
  • Fixed Glassfrog import stopping on items with special characters
  • Fixed Glassfrog import not applying circle labels
  • Fixed delete item icon showing in wrong location in sidebar when scrolling
  • Fixed various layout issues for Internet Explorer 11
  • Improved my profile page layout
  • Changed nest settings animation for better compatibility with all browsers

January 17th 2018

First release of the year, and it's a big one. We've given the UI a complete overhaul resulting in a cleaner, crisper and more relaxed experience. We'd love to hear your feedback regarding the new design!

Other changes and fixes made:

  • Added ability to invite multiple users at once to your workspace
  • Added separate list for unverified users in workspace settings
  • Fixed comments system showing for workspaces and holacracy meetings
  • Fixed temporary (like agenda items) and deleted items showing up in searches
  • Tweaked search sorting so html characters dont cause unexpected results

December 31st 2017

Last release of the year! Another round of bug fixes and preparations for the big stuff coming up in 2018 (like a brand new, very much improved layout).

  • Fixed linked nests shown as deleted in nest details
  • Fixed problems with linking nests in an editable and using the /move command
  • Fixed problems with nest link in listview
  • Fixed searching for items from your inbox
  • Fixed icons not being shown in governance and tactical meeting summary
  • Fixed missing governance meeting changes in diff view

December 19th 2017

A bug fix release, with more invisible improvements to the data integrity.

  • Fixed issues with not being able to add children to inbox items
  • Fixed positioning of context menu in meetings
  • Fixed not being able to click on add items in certain tabs and searches
  • Fixed nest settings remaining open when changing route
  • Fixed being able to assign users to roles
  • Fixed being forwarded to nest when using context menu on read only items
  • Fixed move command not working after "->'" in a nest title
  • Fixed link to individual items in meeting email output templates
  • Allow space in labels when adding through popup
  • Added label preview rendering in autocomplet when adding label
  • Added "data" attribute to api return values

December 4th 2017

A minor update with some very important changes, the biggest being the addition of a context sensitive search which allows you more control over your saved views (and hopefully clears up some of the confusion for new users).

List of improvements and fixes:

  • Added context sensitive search saving
  • Improved layout by giving the list more breathing room
  • Improved comments layout and tweaked the behaviour
  • Improved layout of buttons
  • Changed to alphabetical ordering for Holacracy lists which can't be re-ordered
  • Changed "Add user" in nest details and context menu to "Assign or unassign a user"
  • Fixed searches with regex chars in them (\ * + etc)
  • Fixed autcomplete behaviour on multiline inputs/textareas
  • Fixed admin panel layout for IE10
  • Fixed details allowing user assignments when nest has read only property
  • Fixed inbox not closing when navigating to an item in the inbox
  • Greatly sped up logout process
  • Prevented "missing something" text showing up in root/without a context
  • Clicking on "My workspaces" in search and on the root workspaces cancels the search

November 23rd 2017

A very big release with some nice UI improvements like moving the search bar up top on desktop sized screens, lots of improvements on mobile and an improved drag/drop system. We also fixed a lot of issues, some of which had plagued us for quite some time.

List of other improvements and fixes:

  • Moved search bar to top header on desktop screens
  • Improved search by showing title of saved search when search string matches (full search query is shown when clicking on it)
  • Changed drag/drop system to work without drag handles
  • Improved scroll behaviour when dragging items to edge of screen
  • Added button to add columns on boards
  • Fixed placeholder fields showing HTML characters (for example in the search bar)
  • Improved modal/popup behaviour and layout for mobile devices and safari
  • Improved behaviour when a user removes him-/herself from a workspace
  • Improved creating new items by pasting texts
  • Fixed pasting text into an item on Safari
  • Added item title in confirm dialog when removing an item
  • Added possibility to jump to newly created item when creating it with quick add (CTRL + Q)
  • Fixed items being forced to workspace root when dragging between columns in groupby:workspace search
  • Fixed context menu being shown in wrong location for cards
  • Fixed custom avatar uploads on mobile devices
  • Fixed custom avatars not showing for other users
  • Fixed progress indicator when uploading files
  • Fixed being able to drop items in empty inbox and agenda lists

List of holacracy improvements:

  • Fixed accountabilities and governance notes not being multi line
  • Fixed order of governance output being created
  • Fixed diff view of children of governance output (e.g. accountability changes)
  • Fixed users being thrown out of proposal part when deleting an accountability with the context menu
  • Fixed dragging an item from inbox to Individual Actions tab under a circle not saving correctly
  • Fixed being able to move agenda items back to prepared tensions

October 30th 2017

This time mostly a bug fix release, with lots of work being done in the backend to make the system more robust.

List of improvements and fixes:

  • Massive speedup of starting a tactical meeting
  • Added datepicker on nest details + contextmenu
  • Changed upload icon to paperclip
  • Fixed restructuring circle when preparing a governance tension
  • Fixed emailing to inbox@nestr.io using wrong sender name as the sender for desktop notifications
  • Added saving of open/closed state of sidebar groups
  • Removed icon and completable from workspaces, only show app icon
  • Added highlighting of selected filter in sidebar menu
  • Updated holacracy meetings users to be the meeting nest users, and not circle users

October 17th 2017

We've been hard at work investigating and upgrading our infrastructure after various performance issues the last couple of days/weeks. There was also some unexpected downtime this morning and afternoon because of the issues and the migration, sorry about that.

We've also made many other improvements in the past period:

  • Added ability to drop files on specific nests in the list and card views
  • Added ability to paste images from your clipboard into the notes of a nest
  • Added desktop notifications (Chrome and Firefox only for now)
  • Fixed all assigned users of a nest getting notified about new comments (not just tagged people)
  • Updated calendar view with edit options
  • Added filter on due for sidebar group meetings (for planned meetings)
  • Fixed fields rendering incorrectly when dynamically adding and removing fields, added translations
  • Disabled nest opening on mobile
  • Switched column based boards to row based boards on mobile

October 9th 2017

A quick release to fix a critical issue with the project board.

List of improvements:

  • Fixed incorrect nests showing when using groupby:parent and a parent-labels filter in an empty list
  • Added ability to upload your own avatar (still defaults to Gravatar)
  • Improved email addresses layout in profile
  • Added admin tool to merge accounts (contact us if you have multiple Nestr accounts you want merged)

October 4th 2017

We've been hard at work and have fixed many bugs and added a few new features, like the ability to add multiple email addresses to your account. Very useful if you're part of multiple organizations. Contact us if you already have multiple accounts that you would like to have merged.

We've also added a new experimental view which you can access from the search: Calendar. This is still very much in development, so any suggestions are welcome at this stage. This view will show your tasks which have due dates in a full calendar view. This is context sensitive, so you can access it for a specific workspace/circle/project/etc or for all your workspaces. To use it you can add view:calendar  to your search query.

We will be adding more of these types of views in the future, for example a dedicated view for your files/attachments. We'd love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or feedback!

List of notable improvements:

  • Added support for multiple email addresses per Nestr account, any email can be used to login
  • Added calendar view for your items with due dates view:calendar 
  • Fixed unassigning users through context menu and nest details
  • Fixed adding users to workspace from settings screen
  • Fixed parent-labels filter not always showing all results
  • Fixed drag handle showing for workspaces
  • Fixed mobile issues with inline editing
  • Fixed activity stream on mobile (and simplified it)
  • Fixed typed nests (comments, agenda items) showing up in navigation
  • Fixed selecting text of nests that are view only
  • Fixed mail to inbox from email addresses with capital letters
  • Added check for whether only admin are allowed to invite new users to a workspace
  • Lots of small fixes regarding admin handling
  • Fixed Glassfrog imports when circles/roles get moved around in GF

September 8th 2017

Another release with many bug fixes. We also worked on various performance improvements, especially when moving Nests.

  • Fixed assigning and inviting users to nests within a workspace, invites are sent and a confirm dialog is shown before adding to workspace
  • Added move to top and move to bottom to context menu
  • Added search on field values
  • Made Strategy field a rich text/html field
  • Changed has:incompleteChildren to ignore non-completable nests
  • Fixed breadcrumb not updating when /move'ing inbox nests **
  • Fixed inviting new users from the intro wizard **
  • Fixed autocomplete for workspace specific labels and holacracy labels **
  • Fixed comments and child nests not showing up properly in inbox nests **
  • Fixed removing labels on touch devices by clicking on them**

** = Released later in the evening.

Holacracy improvements

  • Fixed selected tab being lost when navigating away from a nest with tabs and navigating back
  • Allow selecting completed items in holacracy tactical meetings
  • Added diff of due date in governance meeting
  • Added toggle for absent users in holacracy meetings, absent users are not shown in check out
  • Changed "Remove proposal part" to trash icon
  • Fixed holacracy meeting and prepared tension when selecting policies and roles to move, when upgrading role to circle and downgrading circle to role

August 22nd 2017

Another big release with some high priority fixes regarding the autocomplete and label handling and various other improvements.

  • Improved autocomplete handling (to prevent it breaking)
  • Changed autocomplete handling so it doesn't show up mid word
  • Fixed various labeling and assignment issues in search bar and nests
  • Fixed creating nests in card view in search
  • Fixed searching for personal labels from global space, wasn't showing all results
  • Fixed option to add personal and workspace labels when adding a label to a nest
  • Added option to add new label on profile labels and workspace labels tabs
  • Updated fields in bug label to textareas
  • Fixed starting intro tour from help pages
  • Fixed add new workspace label showing up for inbox items
  • Fixed workspace labels showing up in inbox subitems
  • Fixed holacracy new action form getting reset when adding action to multiple users, but clicking cancel
  • Automatically activate a user when invited by another user and the user already exists
  • Added parsing of labels in emails sent to inbox@nestr.io (only #... for now)

August 21st 2017

A big release this evening with lots of small changes to improve the overall Nestr experience.

UI Improvements and fixes:

  • Improved quick continuous adding of nests (especially in inbox) by refocusing the add nest item
  • Fixed incorrect breadcrumb count of ancestors when searching
  • Improved visibility of context menu after it's been opened
  • Fixed unclickable context menu for Kanban columns
  • Fixed unclickable context menu visibility for completed nests
  • Allow /move'ing and jumping nests back into your inbox
  • Changed 'move nest' icon in nest detail view to same icon as in context menu
  • Disabled move between parents using ctrl+arrow keyboard shortcuts, breaks text selection for Windows and Linux users
  • Fixed ancestors of new inbox item on save
  • Fixed clickable area of nest crumbs
  • Allow multiple files to be selected when uploading files with button
  • Moved search syntax out of the inline help to separate article
  • Fixed user tab and purpose field size on flip side of nest details
  • Added proper forwarding to parent when removing a nest from the details page
  • Added delay on sidemenu ordering so users can scroll it on mobile devices
  • Fixed nest details workspace labels edit, added list of font awesome icons
  • Improved the view of labels in autocomplete
  • Added hiding of label on Add Nest in listview

Holacracy improvements:

  • Fixed Holacracy labels not showing in autocomplete in search
  • Fixed incorrect "Mail could not be sent" error when closing a meeting with no assigned users
  • Added role + user pill to Holacracy metrics and checklists
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