At we don't presume to know how you can best organise your life. We do however aim to support some of the best known practices. One of those is David Allens's Getting Things Done.

One of it's base principles is to use a Trusted System in which you store all your 'Stuff', 'Projects' & 'Next actions' amongst other things. This will allow you to clear your head and work with full clarity on the most important thing all the time. aims to be this 'Trusted System'.

Though everyone will have their own preferences on how to set this up, we do offer an easy way to get stared by creating a few labels to help you organise according to the GTD principles. This article is not to teach you how GTD works, but on how you can get started using GTD in

Create the initial context labels

On your My Labels section you have a big button to create some personal GTD labels for you as well as a bunch of GTD navigation items. Some of the labels we create for you are:

  • Now
  • Soon
  • Later
  • Some day / Maybe
  • Waiting
  • Errant
  • Phone

When working you can mark you work using these labels and organise your work accordingly. Some useful searches to consider are:

When you click on any of these links you can add the search to your saved searches using the save option in the search bar.

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