offers full support to run your Holacracy powered organisation. Read our 'Getting started with Holacracy' article to setup your Holacracy environment in Nestr. Once you've don this, you'll enjoy the following features and tools.

An overview of all the roles

The circle's project board grouped by role

The circle members and the roles they fill

The circles actions grouped per role

The circles current and past meetings

A governance meeting in progress

A tactical meeting in progress

A space for your prepared tensions you wish to bring to governance

Prepared tension editing

When you enter a 'Prepared tension' you can design your governance proposals and 'Propose now' or 'Save them for a meeting'.


You might have noticed that you also have some Holacracy navigation items available now. Try them out. You have quick access to an overview of all your roles, your prepared tensions, your projects, your actions and your meetings. We also added a neat little feature to show a quick join button whenever a meeting is active you should be part of. And know that with Nestr you can change everything. So if you don't like these navigation items, remove them or replace them with others. If you need help with this, let us know.

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