Since it is our strong believe there is no single right way to work, we support you in setting up Nestr to your personal needs. This includes changing the links in the navigation bar on the left. Here's part of my navigation.

As you can see I have altered the links you find here from what we provide as a default. You will also notice the links are grouped under headers (GTD and Holacracy views here) that you can expand and collapse using the arrows.

Removing navigation links

When you hover over a link in your navigation, you will be able to click the 'x' and remove the link from your navigation. Great if you feel some of the defaults we provided is not useful to you.

Reordering navigation links

You may also drag-and-drop your links in a different order or move them to a different navigation group if you would like.

Adding navigation links

You can add new links by preparing a new search in the search bar. This can be anything, but here are a few useful ones from my list above. Click them to try them out.

Now! (all my todo's labeled with my personal 'now' label grouped by workspace)
Urgent work (all my todo's labeled 'now' or 'soon' grouped by workspace)
High impact work (all my todo's under projects labeled with my personal 'high impact' label grouped by project)
Due work (all my work grouped and ordered by overdue and upcoming)
Project board (all my projects on a board grouped by workspace)
Projects to process (all my projects that have no next actions defined for them viewed in a project board grouped by workspace)

Next to you search bar you will see a little save icon. 

When you click this you will be able to name your search and identify under which navigation group it should be saved. You can also create a new group from here.

the last option lets you select what location the navigation item should load when you click it.

'Only show search results from this location' - This option will make sure that when you click the saved link nestr will always jump back to your current location. So if you are currently searching for todo's from within a specific project, clicking the link with this option will bring you back to this project regardless where you are in nestr.

'By selecting this option, your search results will change based on your viewing location' - The second option is quite powerful but only recommended for more advanced users. It means that the search will always be relative to the location you are at. So if you are in one workspace when you save the link into your navigation and you move to another workspace and click the link, the results will be relative to that new workspace. So your resulting page will change depending on your location.

Let us know if you need any help defining your personal navigation setup. It's pretty powerful and we're happy to give you some pointers.

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