In the right top of your screen, bewteen you profile picture and your inbox lies a filter icon. Click it and you will see two options that are available to you

Hide completed nests

This one is on by default meaning that any nest that you have marked completed will not be shown regardless where you are in Nestr. This is great when you don't want to be distracted by all the work you have already completed. But if you need to find some old completed or archived work, you can disable this filter by clicking the 'Hide completed nests' which will toggle it off. Now Nestr will show completed and uncompleted nests.

Only show my nests

This one will do exactly what it says. When you turn it on, Nestr will only show you nests that have been explicitly assigned to you. Great when you want to hide all the work your colleagues/friends/family members are working on.

More complex filters

If you need more complex ways to filter on nests, use our search feature in stead. This is very powerful and allows you to create pretty much any list or board you can think up.

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