A lot of the magic Nestr.io has to offer lies in the power of how Labels have been designed. But let's start with the basics.

First of all, Labels could just as well have been called tags. As a label allows you to tag/label a nest and give it meaning in doing so. An example could be to label some of your Nests with the label 'to-read', indicating you wish to get back to something 'to read' later. A simple search for label:to-read will show you all your nests with this label regardless where or when you might have labeled them.

Three types of Labels

Global labels: These are labels available to all Nestr.io users. An example of such a label is #project. But also Holacracy (read about Holacracy support in Nestr.io in some of our other articles) specific labels like #circle, #role are global and don't belong to a specific workspace or user. Everyone will be able to add and see global labels.
Workspace labels: These are labels specific to one workspace. All users assigned to the workspace the label belongs to can assign these labels to Nests in that workspace. These labels can be edited on the workspace settings page.
Personal labels: These are private labels only accessible to the user who created them. No other user will be able to add them to nests or even see them. They can be edited form the My Labels section under your profile picture. You can recognise personal labels by the dashed border.

How to add/create a label to a Nest

Simply type # in the nest name, notes or purpose field and start typing the name of the label you wish to add. A drop down will show you the options of available labels based on the (partial) name you have typed. Select the label you wish from the drop down or simply hit enter to use the first in the list. If the label does not exist yet, you can always create a new workspace or personal label by selecting the bottom options in the drop down (see screenshot).

Next to these inline adding/creating options you can also use the Nest options drop down. You activate this by clicking the three dots available on each Nest. In there you can choose the 'Add labels' option.

Behaviour changing labels

Not all labels are created equal. Nestr.io is setup in such a way that labels can actually change the way a Nest is displayed or the way it behaves. Some examples are

  • #project label: adds a project status field is added to the nest it belongs to allowing you to indicate if the project is current/waiting/completed/future. Another¬†
  • #board label: will display the child nests into columns and the children of the columns into cards giving you a simple way to setup a project/team board.
  • #circle label: This is a Holacracy specific label only available when you have enabled Holacracy on your workspace. When added, nestr will offer you a full fledged Holacracy product.¬†

There are no limits to what labels can do or where you can take them. We have even open sources our labels allowing our community to develop them further and add new products to the Nestr platform. Let us know if you are interested in contributing.

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