supports two ways to setup a board.

Nest Board

If you add the #board label to any nest, it's child nests will become columns and the nests under the columns will be cards. As simple as that! Try it out and see how easy it is to create any board wherever you want. Invite your colleagues/family/friends to collaborate as needed. This is a great option for Kanban and/or SCRUM boards.

Search Board

This option is extremely powerful as it allows you to create and view boards at any level. An example is this project board which shows you all nests with 

  • the project label
  • assigned to you
  • grouped by workspace
  • setup to use the project status as the column definition

It is this last option where the board power comes in. allows you to create pretty much any board columns based in the characteristics / parameters of the Nests. If this doesn't mean much to you, don't worry. Check out a few of these examples and you'll see why this is so powerful.

When possible, will change the underlying data when you move a card to another column. Meaning if you change a project from current to waiting, the actual project status will change.

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