Nestr Discord integration

How to use Nestr from Discord
Written by Julio Holon
Updated 1 year ago

Discord is a popular community communication tool, that supports channels, voice, video and Bots! Since many of our Nestr users also use Discord we created a Discord Bot to link both tools.

To invite the Nestr Bot to your server use this link.

After inviting the bot, the second step to make the bot work is creating a Webhook. This is used for Nestr to be able to send asynchronous messages back to the bot (like notifications). Here's how you do it:

  1. Create a private channel called something like #bot-responses, give the bot user access to that channel (more help here: discord channels support)
  2. Go to Server Settings -> Integrations -> Webhooks
  3. Create a new Webhook and name it "Nestr" (it should look like below)
    (you don't need to copy the Webhook URL, the bot will find it automatically, by name)

After the bot is on your Discord server, you will have access to the following bot commands:

- /login connects your Discord and Nestr accounts

- /sync and /unsync (as admin) will map a Nestr workspace to Discord, creating one channel per subcircle and mapping Nestr Roles to Discord roles, you will also start receiving Nestr notifications on Discord, about changes on Nestr and new meetings starting.

- /accountable <TEXT>
Searches for a text string, getting all roles accountable for that text string.

- /roles [@person]
Searches for all the roles for yourself or some @person.

- /todos [@person] [@role]
Searches for all todo items for yourself, some @person or @role.

- /projects [@person] [@role]
Searches for all projects for yourself, some @person or @role

- /inbox <TEXT>
Allows you to add a todo to yourself on your Nestr inbox

Hopefully this will be helpful to our Discord loving communities.

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