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Circle based communication and private messaging in Nestr.
Written by Joost Schouten
Updated 4 months ago

With Nestr we aim to support you and your organisation to get razor focussed on the work that is most likely to make the biggest impact towards achieving your collective purpose. To do this, focus is important. That is why we believe your communication tools need to help you filtering out all the noise that is not serving you.

Circle based feed

Circle based channels can help you achieve this. If your workspace has the feeds app enabled, each circle will have their own feed where you can configure channels important to you and your collegues without being bombarded by channels and conversations from other teams and circles that are irrelevant for your work. You can always have a look at the feed of other circles if that serves you of course.

Below you can see an example of a circle feed. You can see the different channels, including the selected 'all' channel and the ongoing conversations. The 'All' channel will also show any conversations that are happening inside projects within the circle so that nothing is missed.

Direct messaging

At the right bottom of your page you will always see your direct messaging tab. Click it to open a list of your private message conversations. The messages shared there are always private where the messages in the feed as outlined above are always public. If you have no message history yet, simply search for your collegue and start your conversation. They will get a notification that you have reached out to them. 

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