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An eagle eye's view on what we added to Nestr and what is currently being developed.
Written by Joost Schouten
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This document is here to create transparency into what we are working on, planning to work on and have recently released. This will list high level features. If you are interested in all updates including smaller updates and fixes, drop us a line and we're happy to share.

Our roadmap can and will change based on our evolving understanding of our partners, clients and market. Meaning the below is not a promise but an indication.

Near term

Expected in 1-6 weeks

  • Add profile pictures to the organisational map
  • Labeling and GEO tagging people
  • Addition of a new feedback option

Mid term

Expected in 6-12 weeks

  • Metamask login + claim DAO and account
  • Private Messages with your peers
  • Dashboard/circle redesign to show all relevant information without having to navigate
  • Option to publicly publish projects/todo's as well as your roles / circles (once available we'll be able to share our actual development board here with you all)

Past releases

Sept/Dec 2022 update

  • Keep/Start/Stop feedback form - We added the option to choose between two feedback formats with our feedback app. Next to our 'Behaviour' option we now offer a 'Keep/Stop/Start' option.
  • Persistent tab selection - We used to always show the 'Feed' tab for all circles and the 'About' tab for roles. Now, if you select a tab on a role or circle we will return to that tab when you navigate back to the circle or role.
  • People search - When you search we will now include people in the search results. For each user, we'll show the roles they fill right in the results and you can instantly click through to their profile.
  • Auto search - When you are searching, we will start showing results automatically with out you having to hit enter.
  • Integration with Hypha DAO - Nestr can now integrate with your Hypha DAO and automatically load all your proposals so you can start collaborating in line with your DAO agreements.
  • User home - When entering a workspace we now navigate the user directly to 'their' circle. So you won't land in the top circle but in the highest circle you fill a role in saving many of you a few clicks especially in larger organisations.
  • Improved Dutch translations - with the help of one of our users we improved the Dutch translations.
  • Many server and infrastructure updates - We did much work on the backend to allow for quicker and automated releases, faster database read/writes, automated scaling and a bunch of small improvements and bug fixes.

July/August 2022 update

  • Google and Office 365 Single Sign On - It is now possible to signup and login using your Office 365 and/or Google account. This means you will automatically be logged into Nestr as long as you are logged in Google/Office 365. It also means you and your colleagues don't need to manage yet another password. If your already use your gmail/google/office 365 email in nestr, all you need to do is login using the new login buttons and we'll find your account and link them up.
  • Include sub-circles in your feed - In your circle feed you can now choose to include/exclude all conversations happening in sub-circles so you can move between oversight and focus based on your needs.
  • Organisation wide channels - You can now define organisation wide channels that will show up on all sub-circles. Each circle may still add their own specific channels as they see fit. This is great for common communication practices that are used throughout your organisation. For example, 'Daily standup' or 'Social' channels where you can see the whole organisation come together in one channel while allowing each person to stay focussed on their team/circle.
  • Scheduled posts - You can now schedule posts to be posted at a later date. This is great if you wish to remind yourself and your team of something at a certain time. It is also possible to make these scheduled posts recurring each day/week/month/year. This way you can post a reminder to provide your daily standup, weekly update, monthly returns or birthdays. It is possible to post these scheduled posts to any channel and in any circle.
  • Discord bot commands - Our Discord bot now supports the /accountable and /roles commands. You can use these to for example to figure out who and what role is accountable for 'Design', 'Javascript' or any other topic you might be debating. This way you can always figure out who is accountable for a certain topic and move from endless debates to action. The /roles command allows you to quickly see what roles you or any of your peers hold so you can engage the right people on the right topics.
  • Improved DAO proposals layout - We have revamped our DAO proposals page to allow you to quickly find the relevant and recent proposals that you might want to interact with. We grouped them in columns associated with their lifecycle state.

June 2022 update

  • Circle comms - Each circle in Nestr now comes with their own feed where you can configure communication channels relevant for the circle. The feed will show all messages posted to the circle and any of its roles/projects. This feature will allow you to focus on the comms relevant to your and your circle, and ignore the noise in the rest of the organisation. We have many plans on how to extend on these foundations.
  • Sticky agendas - All meeting agenda's are now available regardless how far you scroll down so that you can always capture your items without having to scroll to the top of the page.
  • Simpler navigation - We drastically reduced the number of tabs on our circle and role pages making it a lot easier to find the information you need.
  • Moved Tensions into an app - The tensions functionality has been moved into its own app so that those that want to can turn it on or off based on your needs.

May 2022 update

  • DAO Integration - Nestr now integrates with DAOhaus and Aragon. This means you can link your Nestr workspace with your DAO of choice and Nestr will automatically sync all DAO proposals into Nestr. There you can apply all of Nestr's magic to your proposals to enrich them with our collaboration tools. Eg. upgrade your proposal to represent a role, circle, project, project board and/or add any number of sub-projects/tasks to them. Here is an example where we converted a DAOhaus proposal into a Kanban board. 
  • Discord bot - We are happy to announce the arrival of our very own Discord bot. If you and your community are using Discord, let us know and we'd be more than happy to get you to play with it.
  • Portuguese language support - Nestr is now available in Portuguese.
  • A range of UI improvements including:
    • Navigation maximise/minimise toggle to make better use of space on smaller screens.
    • Improvements in the comments layout.
    • The org/circles/roles navigator now highlights your roles.

April 2022 update

  • New workspace wizard released allowing you to set your structure and governance.
  • Moved our self-organisation features into apps you can turn on and off.
  • Added the 'My World' view where anyone, even without a Nestr account, can view and explore published workspaces.
  • Added the option to add workspace members without inviting them yet.

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