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Managing the productivity in your organization with Nestr
Written by Julio Holon
Updated 4 months ago

The greatest advantage to having a clear organisational structure (agreements, circles and roles) in a single place is that it becomes even easier to give transparency on how everyone in the organisation is using this structure to do work.

To get clarity on what Role is doing, Nestr has a simple Kanban board system where everyone can follow Projects organised by status and Tasks per Role and per person. 

The possible states of a project are:

Current It's being worked on, with no external blockers
Waiting It's blocked, waiting on some external factor
Done It's concluded and done
Future It's not being worked on right now

Any project/todo may have a due date which will be displayed on the card and turn red when overdue.

A project can have as many todo's under it as you need. You can even nest them and have todo's in todo's so you can make your projects as elaborate or simple as you need them to be.

If you need to further specify what is needed to conclude the project, you can use Tasks and subtasks inside the project, that can be assigned to other people as well.

And at the bottom of every project/todo you can capture/share any relevant information or ask any questions of your colleagues in the comments. Simply type @name_of_your_collegue to mention them and they will get notified of your question.

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