Decentralised collaboration using Nestr

Releases & Roadmap

An eagle eye's view on what we added to Nestr and what is currently being developed.
Written by Joost Schouten
Updated 3 weeks ago

This document is here to create transparency into what we are working on, planning to work on and have recently released. This will list high level features. If you are interested in all updates including smaller updates and fixes, drop us a line and we're happy to share.

Our roadmap can and will change based on our evolving understanding of our partners, clients and market. Meaning the below is not a promise but an indication.

Near term

Expected in 1-6 weeks

  • Metamask login + claim DAO and account
  • Circle based communication channels, meaning each circle will have their very own chat server customised with the channels relevant to them.
  • Improved navigation using panels to show detail views
  • Option to publicly publish projects/todo's as well as your roles / circles (once available we'll be able to share our actual development board here with you all)

Mid term

Expected in 6-12 weeks

  • Office 365 / Google workspace login
  • Support for telos based Hypha DAO
  • Discord bot allowing 2-way integrations
  • Job board for projects and roles to apply for

Past releases

May 2022 update

  • DAO Integration - Nestr now integrates with DAOhaus and Aragon. This means you can link your Nestr workspace with your DAO of choice and Nestr will automatically sync all DAO proposals into Nestr. There you can apply all of Nestr's magic to your proposals to enrich them with our collaboration tools. Eg. upgrade your proposal to represent a role, circle, project, project board and/or add any number of sub-projects/tasks to them. Here is an example where we converted a DAOhaus proposal into a Kanban board. 
  • Discord bot - We are happy to announce the arrival of our very own Discord bot. If you and your community are using Discord, let us know and we'd be more than happy to get you to play with it.
  • Portuguese language support - Nestr is now available in Portuguese.
  • A range of UI improvements including:
    • Navigation maximise/minimise toggle to make better use of space on smaller screens.
    • Improvements in the comments layout.
    • The org/circles/roles navigator now highlights your roles.

April 2022 update

  • New workspace wizard released allowing you to set your structure and governance.
  • Moved our self-organisation features into apps you can turn on and off.
  • Added the 'My World' view where anyone, even without a Nestr account, can view and explore published workspaces.
  • Added the option to add workspace members without inviting them yet.

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